Senior Care Management

image 15If your loved one is exhibiting noticeable physical decline, increasing confusion, escalating healthcare costs and an inability to handle daily tasks, it may be time to evaluate the types of support services available.

 A geriatric care manager, or senior care manager, is a specialist trained to help families through the process of caring for older relatives.  As our elder population continues to grow, so do the resources available to accommodate their needs. We have the experience and knowledge necessary to find the appropriate solutions or resources to meet the needs of our aging population.

 At times, it can be difficult or overwhelming to access those resources. Family or friends may not know who to turn to or who to call when a senior is no longer able to manage their affairs or their daily activities.

” We will help you and your family navigate through the challenges associated with caring for an older loved one”

We provide coordinated services that you may need, including:

 In-home assessments to develop a plan of care.

  • Geriatric care management to coordinate ongoing care services.
  • Home care to provide help needed around the house and around town.
  • Guardian and conservator ships to help with fiduciary and decision-making needs.

 Senior Care Management can greatly benefit individuals who:

  • Are frequently going to the hospital, calling 911 or requiring multiple physician visits.
  • Have a limited support system, with family who can live at a distance or are not involved.
  • Have multiple diagnoses requiring supervision and support to manage them.
  • Require on-going monitoring and support to remain safely at home.

 Our full-service nursing and rehabilitation centers provide comprehensive resident care. We understand the importance of a loving, nurturing environment with a variety of activity programming for residents. Our Companions in Care program ensure good communication between team members, family and residents.

 We look forward to learning more about your situation and working with your family to improve the care of your loved one and the quality of the time you spend together. Contact us at (480) 435-9731